Established 1999

Big city at the eastern end of China. Maddening, fascinating, inspirational, always testing the limits. From early days, Shanghai was known for its outrageous architecture, old being replaced with new all the time.

China made Shanghai a Disney Land for foreign investors. Actually, state-ownership is the default mode of operation. However, the closer to the individual consumer, the more remote state-involvement.

The regulatory environment can be adequately described as being drastic.

Real estate you can't own, you only lease it from the state for 70 years. Pretty odd for a nation that is used to thinking in dynasties.

Those who made it here have broken all rules, however, precious few get away with breaking the rules over extended periods of time. So, watch it. And don't get carried away.

Don't get romantically involved with this place, because when China is done with you it will spit you out. Unceremoniously.